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NIR Color Sorter--NIR Sorting Solution

High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter
High Speed NIR Optical Sorter

NIR Color Sorter--NIR Sorting Solution

NIR Infrared colour sorting machine including color LED photo system and near infrared spectrum lighting system color LED lighting system can choose different spectral illuminations according to different raw materials, to increase the contrast ratio of main features, in order to ensure the obtained material information is more precise. The LED lighting system with heat dissipation has long service life, low energy consumption and good performances.

What can NIR color sorter do ?

HT NIR color sorter including RGB color sorting technology with RGB camera image analysis, and is ideally suited to sort wrinkled skin beans ,wormhole beans ,nuts,grain etc . It also features  size and shape sorting to help remove the un-wanted product, or reject material of the exact similar color but of different size. The NIR colour sorting machine can also be equipped with the latest InGaAs near infrared (NIR) cameras to identify impurities like metal ,wooden,glass, plastic, stones, sticks etc.

It is suitable for the sorting of various malignant impurities in materials, and has exclusive .non-destructive testing capabilities for empty fruit, atrophied fruit,and wormhole damage in nut products.Comprehensively improve the ability ofNIR fluoroscopy and material shape selection, color selection and malignant impurities sorting.

It is suitable for the sorting of various malignant impurities in materials and the sorting ofhomogeneous characteristics, and realizes the identification of materials from multiple dimension and characteristics such as color,shape, texture, area, light and shade, light and heavy,soft and hard.

NIR Infrared Color Sorter Technical Specifications






Product Output)(t/h)





Sorting Accuracy(%)





Carryover Rate) (Bad:Good)















Dimension L×W×H(mm×mm×mm)





(Power Supply)(V/Hz)





Note: 1. Real output depends on material and its contamination. 
If products update, no further notice. Please refer to the real machine.



Structure Schematic




Advantage with NIR Infrared Color Sorter


A. Wide range of application:In addition to realize colour sorting by visible color spectrum system, also can realize the sorting of infrared sensitive material by using near infrared optical system.

B: Combine shape sorting function:According to the characteristic of material, using special image processing algorithm with shape and color, to realize shape sorting successfully by detecting material's Circularity rate, linear rate, Perimeter and area, etc.

C: Transmission-type color tunable background lamp:Use transmission-type background board instead of traditional reflection-type background board, simplified the system, improved the stability. Use RGB color tunable background lamp instead of RGB reflection board, in addition to get red, green, blue color, also can get multi colors by the mixing of RGB lights.widely expanded the colors of background.


Analyzing Ability of NIR Infrared Color Sorting Machine








Example of Sorting


Packaging & Shipping

Machines to be carefully packaged to endure transportation under harsh conditions. Handling instructions are designed to protect the machine in the critical moments during transportation, unloading and installation.

Delivery Time: 10- 20 Days after order confirmed.

Payment Terms: TT, Letter of Credit.

Commissioning and Installation

1. On Site Installation and Training Service by our professional engineer ;

2. Study and Learn the Machine Operation in Our Factory.

3. Responsive in 24 hours: Telephone, Email, Video or On Site Solutions by our Technical Experts.

Customer feedback is the driving force behind our progress:

Plywood Case is Suitable for Sea/Road/Air Transport:

Frequently Asked Questions by Customers: 

1. How to use the machine? 

We will supply the Installation instructions and videos for guiding you how to set color sorter.   


2. How long about the guarantee period? 

Two years. And we supply lifelong software upgrade services for our customers.


3. Can you supply the air compressor, air tank and air filters?

Yes, we can provide above equipments, our standard offer includes color sorter machine with air compressor & air tank & air dryer & air filters.


4. Is oversea service available?

Yes, we will send engineer go abroad when you need it.


5.How to calculate Installation personnel cost?

On condition that customer requires to install, our company would like to send 1 engineer to guide for installation, then customer should to pay the cost, including transaction of engineer’s visa, transportation(air) for go abroad. and accommodation , local transportation and security when the engineer arrived.


6. If you have agent in our country?


We have agent in UK,New Zealand,Italy,Crotia,India, Guatemala,Finland,Malaysia,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Nigeria,Ukraine,Nicaragua etc. and we can provide after-sales service in your Country.

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Leave A Message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.