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Color Sorters Installation Instructions



1 . Safety precautions and installation instructions


Color sorter is a high-tech product with light, mechanism, electricity and air technology. The requirements for installation, operation, use and maintenance are very strict,


especially the use of air source and power source. There are some warmings on this manual and machine. All installation, operation and maintenance personnel must


read this manual carefully , also install and operate machine in strict accordance with the regulations.


2. Safety Marks


The safety signs are divided into four categories: prohibitions, warings, instructions and Prompting, which apply to all contents in this manual.All machines have clearly


safety signs in hazardous areas. There are 3 common types:


①. Red: Usually a circular marker that prohibits certain actions;


②. Yellow: Usually a triangular marker for some hazard warnings;


③. Blue: Usually a rounded mark that defines mandatory behavior.


The safety signs marked on the machine and attached to the machine are classified into the fllowing three levels according to their degree of danger (or the size of


the accident):


(1)Red label (prohibited mark): Used to prohibit certain actions, indicating potential


(2) Yellow label (warning mark): used for some hazard warnings, indicating potential dangers. If not operated in order and instructions, it will cause moderate and


minorpersonal injury; if damage to machines and components If it does, it will cause product quality problems.


(3) Blue label (instruction mark): used to indicate the instruction, the rules that must be observed, for special attention, and used in the information we want to emphasize.




①Unpacking and inspecting, please pay attention to safety! Avoid unnecessary damage when unpacking, check the number of parts according to the list in the box,


and keep it safe to avoid loss.


②Please carefully check whether the liting ring of the color sorter machine is loose when lifing. If it is loose, please tighten

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