Color sorter maintenance


1 .Color sorter sorting box glass maintenance

Step 1: Observe the interior of the sorting room from the side of the color sorter;

Step 2: Observe whether the glass inside the sorting room is clean and whether the observation windows on both sides are clean;

Step 3: When it is found that there is a large amount of dust on both sides of the sorting room, it needs to be cleaned with an air gun;

Step 4: When it is found that the surface of the glass on both sides of the sorting room has dust and dirt, it is treated with alcohol and gauze;

Step 5: Click“cleaning" on the main interface of the display, and then click "Clean" color sorter to automatically clean the surface of the glass.

Step 6:Everyday after work: use a gun to clean dust foreign matter on the vibrator platform of the color sorter .Using air gun to clean dust foreign matter on vibrating tray of color sorter vibrator .

Color sorter air compressor and dryer maintenance

Step 1: Air compressor air filter is regularly maintained, maintained and replaced according to the manufacturer's requirements;

Step 2: Discharge the air compressor, the air dryer (optional), the gas and the water in the air tank every day; (this operation is not required when the automatic drainage function is used)

Step 3: Daily cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of the air compressor;

1. Before going to work every day, open the side panel of the air compressor and clean the air compressor filter from the inside out with an air gun.

2. Open the flter drain switch every day to check whether the water in the drain contains “il".

The oil filter core should be replaced as soon as possible.

3. Replace the filter element regularly as required by the air compressor manufacturer.

Before leaving work every day, open the side panel of the dryer and use an air gun to clean the cooling net. Make sure that the air inlet is hot and the air outlet is cool, indicating that the air dryer has good water removal effect. Regularly open the sewage outlet of the dryer to discharge sewage.


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