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Tea Color Sorter Machine / Tea Colour Sorting / Tea Sorting

Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine
Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine
Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine
Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine
Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine
Optical Tea Color Sorter Machine

Tea Color Sorter Machine / Tea Colour Sorting / Tea Sorting

Tea Color Sorter is specially designed for single tea, Pu'er tea, rock tea, green tea, black tea, black tea, and fragrant tea, licorice, Tieguanyin tea and other tea varieties ear design. Sorting Capacity : 0.5-4tons per hour .

Tea Color Sorter Description

How to separate fine black tea from harvest tea ?Should the tea color sorter be used? Many tea producers see that after using the CCD tea color sorter, whether it is quality or price, they are several times their own, and at the same time they sell more, so they are very excited and want to buy one, HT tea color sorting machine use powerful RGB camera and shape/size sorting with newest software to remove all foreign impurities such as big leaf,discolor leaf, broken tea leaves, stalk, yellow slice and loathsome foreign materials ,broken glass,sands etc and can stem and seed divide the tea leaves into several different grades, which can help you get a better price.


HIGHTECH tea color sorters specially designed for large scale black tea and green tea processing .

 Tea Color Sorter Technical Parameter





Carryover (bad: good)


Accuracy (%)


Voltage (V/Hz)


Power (Kw)


Air pressure (Mpa)


Consumption (L/min)


Weight (Kg)


Dimensions (mm)



Examples of Sorting



Tea Color Sorter Advantages


* The integration of the electromechanical design.

* Utilization of air cooling system.

* The original material distributing system.

* Independent sorting mode.

* Unique design of broadening sorting chamber.

* Spray nozzle

* Image acquisition system

*Light source

* Three layer integrated structure design

* Cloud object link system

HIGHTECH Tea Color SorterTechnology

1. Adopt double-layer design, reduce percentage of damaged seed and improve the purity of finished product; suitable for color sorting of various teas;

2. Adopt two sets of vertical feeding system and flat slide, the tea leaves can falls down more evenly;

3. Adopt a bus structure, with higher signal consistency and capability of resisting disturbance, better stability, and simpler structure;

4. Adopt real color 8.4 display; equipped with high-reliability four-wire resistance touch screen; correct location of touch screen at any time; user-friendly operation interface; simplified Chinese operation, simple and easy to learn;

5. Simple and easy maintenance; easy to replace the light source and magnetic valve.

6. Automatic malfunction indication and one key recovery function;

7. Highly corrosion resistant appearance, nice and durable.

Customer Feedback Is The Driving Force Behind Our Progress:

Plywood Case Is Suitable For Sea/Road/Air Transport:


Frequently Asked Questions by Customers: 

1. How to use the machine? 

We will supply the Installation instructions and videos for guiding you how to set color sorter.   


2. How long about the guarantee period? 

Two years. And we supply lifelong software upgrade services for our customers.


3. Can you supply the air compressor, air tank and air filters?

Yes, we can provide above equipments, our standard offer includes color sorter machine with air compressor & air tank & air dryer & air filters.


4. Is oversea service available?

Yes, we will send engineer go abroad when you need it.


5.How to calculate Installation personnel cost?

On condition that customer requires to install, our company would like to send 1 engineer to guide for installation, then customer should to pay the cost, including transaction of engineer’s visa, transportation(air) for go abroad. and accommodation , local transportation and security when the engineer arrived.


6. If you have agent in our country?

We have agent in UK,New Zealand,Italy,Crotia,India, Guatemala,Finland,Malaysia,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Nigeria,Ukraine,Nicaragua etc. and we can provide after-sales service in your Country.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.