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Qatar World Cup and rPET

Qatar World Cup and rPET
February 08, 2023


Qatar World Cup and rPET

Qatar World Cup in full swing Also known as "the most environmentally friendly World Cup in history" Qatar World Cup. 

Eco-friendly Recycled Jersey

The biggest feature of this World Cup jersey

Made of environmentally friendly recycled materials

It is a material formed by recycling plastic products

100% rPET bottle

This is the first time that rPET bottles have been used in circulation at the FIFA World Cup 

rPET, is recycled PET 

rPET is an environmentally friendly polymer material

There are many advantages of materials, high utilization rate of the same level, and wide range of products

Under the unstoppable historical trend of "carbon neutrality"

Qatar World Cup aggressively uses recycled materials

Embedding environmental protection into the overall construction to form a collective concept

Promote green development together

"Sorting Purification Value Regeneration" with us

Opening a new era of plastic sorting coincides with each other

Recycling processing and sorting section around waste plastics

We continue to expand technology application scenarios

Color sorting from conventional plastic bottles and plastic flakes

Sorting of plastic bottles with full shape, slight color difference, and various materials

And sorting of light-colored and plastic sheets of various materials

Create the most valuable plastic full-form sorting production line

Open a new value era of plastic sorting

Add green to our beautiful earth

Plastic Recycling Sorting-Full range of solutions

Meet the following sorting requirements:

Color sorting / material sorting

Various shapes Cleaning bottle Various shapes Fluorescence aging

Round bottles, press-packed bottles, off-label bottles, non-off-label bottles,

Washed bottles, unwashed bottles, bottles of various shapes...

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