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High-quality PET recyclate for the plastics processing industry

High-quality PET recyclate for the plastics processing industry
May 08, 2021


High-quality PET recyclate for the plastics processing industry

With the rise in consumption of raw materials, plastic processors are facing higher political and social demands to use a greater proportion of recycled materials. Companies such as Masotina S.p.A. (has installed many color sorting machines of us), a recycling company which with their fully automated and technologically advanced systems, operate directly on plastic waste to select it by polymer–colour, thus maximizing its reuse value. The sorting process involves several steps to select valuable plastic from other materials.

What can we do for recycling process company ?

Hightech’s near-infrared (NIR) detection technology and Flylight scanning technology, which can remove various impurities in PET bottles according to color and material, including impurities of the same color but different materials, such as PVC, PP, PE, PA, POM, etc., and can effectively remove impurities in bottles below 4mm, thereby significantly improving sorting efficiency and production capacity, ensuring high sorting purity and quality .

On the basis of the original PET bottle flakes, the application of PE/PP polyolefin flake sorting has been expanded, which can solve the problem of indistinguishable PP/PE of the same color, improve the purity of PE or PP, increase the value of the recycled material after sorting, and expand more high-end recycling applications. The sorted PE and PP sheets can achieve unprecedented levels of purity, meeting both the requirements of current regulations and the needs of end customers .

Which color sorter manufacturer in China is trustworthy?

Anhui Hightech Equipment Co.,Ltd is the most cost-effective color sorter manufacturer in China. Through the accumulation of domestic and foreign market research and technical cooperation, Hightech has a certain voice in the sorting and identification technology in China, and has been focusing on the R&D and production of color sorting machines for more than ten years. Hundreds of millions of high-definition pixel CCD image sorting is more accurate, the sorting accuracy is as high as 99%, the take-out ratio is low, and it has independent patent intellectual property rights and R&D patents.

Hightech's plastic color sorters are of good quality, long service life, low prices, and safer and more stable system operation! To meet large output and personalized needs, customers are located in Europe, Asia, America, and Southeast Asian countries, providing the best solution for the plastics industry! Our strength is visible!

High-quality color sorter, look for Chinese brand Hightech! We look forward to cooperating with you. For details, click to choose the most suitable color sorter for you!

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