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NIR Plastic sorting machine in UK

NIR Plastic sorting machine in UK
May 08, 2018

Jake runs a plastics recycling plant in Mytholmroyd, UK, and his main challenge is trying to sort different types of plastics, such as PET from PVC ,PVC from PC ,PP from PE .He came to us to help him to deal with this problem and want to buy polymer sorter, this is very simple for our professional infrared plastic sorting factory, because we have introduced the technology of NIR, visible light, deep learning, UV and so on for mixing waste plastic bottles, plastic bottle flakes, and particles sorting, combined with the NIR technology, high precision multi-spectrum infrared camera and long-life infrared light source, specialized in sorting plastic flakes of different materials.

After testing, Jake was particularly satisfied with our sorting results and purchased the NIR plastic sorting machine.

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