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Chamomile sortex machine in Croatia

Chamomile sortex machine in Croatia
August 08, 2017

In the city of budancevica in southern Croatia, where a lot of chamomile is grown, Mike has a factory that processes chamomile, 90% of which is exported to Europe, and he has a puzzling question about how to efficiently pick out the black chamomile and eustoma, and other impurities in it.


So, Mike found us, and we recommended a color sortex with the function of color and shape selection, which can be very good at eliminating foreign-colored chamomile and long orange stems.

After 2 months of negotiation, Mike gave us an order, we saved the color sorting plan before shipment, finally Mike was very satisfied with the color sorters effect of the machine, and introduced us to many of his friends to buy our colour sorter.







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