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How To Sort Very Light Color Plastic Flakes ?

How To Sort Very Light Color Plastic Flakes ?
May 10, 2024

Application of Ultra-Light Color Sorting Technology: Solving the Micro-Color Difference Challenge in Plastic Recycling


Current Situation Analysis


In the field of plastic recycling, plastic sorting machine has always been a crucial aspect. However, for traditional color sorting methods, some color sorter companies, relying on experience and equipment accumulated in the grain industry, can easily handle it. Yet, when faced with the challenge of ultra-light color differences, many color sorter companies shrink back. This is because the color differences in ultra-light plastics are extremely subtle, almost reaching a level where they are difficult to discern with the naked eye, posing significant challenges to the sorting process.


Breakthrough in Research


Facing the long-standing problem of ultra-light color differences in plastic recycling, we instead saw it as a crucial opportunity to drive technological innovation. Our research and development team recognized significant differences between plastic and conventional grain sorting technologies. Therefore, based on market demand and the unique characteristics of ultra-light colored plastics, they conducted in-depth research and repeated trials. Successfully overcoming the barriers of ultra-light color differences, we developed advanced ultra-light color sorting technology, bringing revolutionary progress to the plastic recycling industry.


Technical Interpretation


The core of ultra-light color difference identification technology lies in its advanced optical recognition system and image processing algorithms. Through high-precision optical sensors, our plastic sorting machines Pro series can capture the subtle color differences on the surface of plastic materials. Subsequently, utilizing ultra-light color image processing algorithms, it analyzes these color variations and identifies the minute differences between different plastics.


Industry Leadership


In the application of micro-difference identification technology, we particularly emphasize improving the system's recognition accuracy and speed. Through continuous technological innovation and optimization, our plastic recycling sorting machine achieve precise sorting of ultra-light colored plastics and reach industry-leading levels in processing speed. Furthermore, this technology also possesses high flexibility and scalability, allowing customization and optimization according to the sorting needs of different users, thereby achieving more efficient plastic recycling and reuse.


Taking Responsibility


The successful application of this technology not only significantly improves the efficiency of plastic recycling but also ensures the quality of recycled plastics, giving users a competitive advantage. This breakthrough not only demonstrates its strong capabilities in the field of plastic recycling but also sets a new technological benchmark for the entire industry. With continuous technological advancements, we aim to create more miracles for users in the field of plastic recycling in the future.

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