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How does a color sorter work?

How does a color sorter work?
October 08, 2019

How does a color sorter work?

To understand how a color sorter works effectively, you must understand its primary structure. Generally speaking, color sorters consist of four central systems:

  • A Feeding System
  • An Optical Detection System
  • A Signal Processing System
  • A Separation Execution System

The critical component of the feeding system is the vibrator, which can ensure that the material enters the screening system evenly. Only the materials do not impede each other, and the machine can get clear images.

The optical system is mainly composed of industrial lenses, which can record the surface color properties of the material.

The signal processing system will read out the color, shape, size, and even the type of each material according to the reflected light information. By comparing the preset parameter ranges, the system can decide to keep or reject.

The main component of the separation system is the air valve. The separation system changes the movement of the material by releasing the compressed air to realize the instruction of retaining or removing the material.

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