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FAQs about HIGHTECH color sorter wholesales and retails

FAQs about HIGHTECH color sorter wholesales and retails
October 12, 2018

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Are you a manufacturer and trading company?

We’re the largest Color sorter manufacturer in China. All the core processes are made in our own factory. Meanwhile, we have an independent R&D team, which ensures we can provide customized color sorters according to customers’ requests.


Are you working with a single buyer?

Sure. We are not only working with single buyers such as farmers but also work with agents. Once you get an exclusive agency, we would transfer the local business. Meanwhile, related services for previous clients should respect their decision.


How about your delivery time and shipment services?

Generally, the HIGHTECH Color Sorter manufacturer could provide 10 days delivery time for regular models. If you have any special request, we can discuss. In FOB terms, we can assist you to book the ship and look for a reliable forwarder if required. In other terms, we will provide you with some more quotes for reference.


How about Quality and Warranty?

This is a big question; let me say in a short:

1) Factory Passed ISO2000 quality Audit, check here to find the Certificate

2) We have our own QC team and have a complete workflow. Especially, before the packing, QC will debug the machine to make sure it works.

3) On-site engineers will help to assemble and debug the machine again when the machines arrive at your side.

4) HIGHTECH Color sorter manufacturer can provide a lifetime warranty to its customers.


Can I apply for an agent for our local markets?

Sure, if there is no agent available in your city. Maybe some cities have already more than one agent so keep in your mind one city requires one official agent. If you successfully become our agent, we would provide more services include free technology training in China, More discount, and flexible payment methods, etc.


After ordering from China, how long will it take for the color sorter to get to me?

A small color sorter (less than 7 chutes) is built in about 7 days. Large sorters (more than 7 chutes) take about 10-15 days to build. After production, shipping times vary by continent: Within Asia: 7 days by sea Outside Asia: up to 30 days by sea


How long does a color sorter last?

With good maintenance, a color sorter can work for 10 years or more.


What are the differences between the 4:1 and 3:2 configuration?

4:1 configuration means 4 chutes are used for first sorting, and 1 chute is used for the second sorting

3:2 configuration means 3 chutes are used for first sorting, and 2 chutes are used for the second sorting

In normal usage, a color sorter sorts material in two steps: An initial first sorting, then a re-sort of the “rejects” from the first sort.

We do this because the “rejects” from the first sort often contain lots of acceptable material.

This is important because the configuration cannot be changed once it is set in the factory.

4:1 configurations are better for raw material that has few impurities.

3:2 configurations are better for materials with a lot of impurities

Please feel free to contact us to ensure you get the correct configuration for your material.


What sizes of HIGHTECH color sorters do you have?

We normally set 40 sorting programs based on your common materials before shipping the machine. This should meet your daily sorting requirements.


What materials are suitable for optical sorting?

Solid material (can be slightly wet) Has obvious color differences Sizes of about 1 mm ~ 100mm List of materials that can be sorted.

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