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Application Of Mineral Sorting Machine In Non-metallic Mining Industry

Application Of Mineral Sorting Machine In Non-metallic Mining Industry
May 10, 2024

The non-metallic mineral industry refers to the industry involved in the extraction and processing of non-metallic mineral resources, primarily including limestone, gypsum, quartz sand, sandstone, stone, graphite, and others. These mineral resources are widely used in industries such as construction, engineering, metallurgy, chemical, glass, ceramics, electronics, and environmental protection.

However, with the extensive extraction of non-metallic materials, mineral resources are becoming increasingly scarce. High-grade ore deposits are diminishing, and most non-metallic mineral raw materials are mixed with impurities, necessitating sorting to obtain ore of the desired grade.

Manual sorting is labor-intensive, inefficient, and unable to meet production demands, while ore sorting can effectively address this challenge.

Ore sorting machine can cover a wide range of minerals, including limestone, quartz, barite, feldspar, fluorite, calcite, gypsum, calcium carbonate, talc, dolomite, silica, and gravel, among nearly a hundred types of non-metallic minerals.

Our latest mineral sorting utilizes differences in the surface characteristics of the original ores for sorting, effectively removing impurities from the ore, improving its purity, and achieving high output and precision in sorting. Through color sorting processing, it can meet the quality requirements of different industries for ores.

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