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Plastic electrostatic separator and plastic color sorter

Plastic electrostatic separator and plastic color sorter
February 26, 2024


Plastic electrostatic separator and plastic color sorter (1)

Both plastic electrostatic separator and plastic color sorter are used in plastic recycling. The best thing is both equipment work together will create higher value. 

The two machines are different. The plastic electrostatic separator is used to separate the plastics of different materials(keeping plastic size around 2-18mm), and then use the plastic color sorter to separate the different colors plastics.In this way ,you can get pure plastic with same color.

What is a plastic electrostatic separator?

Plastic electrostatic separator, also known as electrostatic separator, is a kind of equipment for the separation of mixed waste plastic materials. It is mainly used in hybrid plastics which are difficult to be separated by density floatation. It is widely used in renewable resources, disassembly of waste household appliances, plastic recycling and other industries, such as television sets, printer case, refrigerator tank comminuted material separation. The working principle of plastic electrostatic separator: it mainly makes use of the difference of static electricity produced by different kinds of plastic heating friction, and separates 2-5 kinds of mixed plastics by electrostatic method.It is used to separate pure plastics PP/PE/ABS/PVC/PET/PC from such as PET/PVC, ABS/ PS /submerged PP, PC/PA, ABS/PA, ABS/PC and other plastics in different groups.

The final products of mixed plastics electrostatic separation machine is pure and clean PET/PVC/ABS/PS/PP/PA/PC.


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