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Global First, Achieving Truly Zero Bisphenol A!

Global First, Achieving Truly Zero Bisphenol A!
April 07, 2024

The annual output of 100,000 tons of rPET food-grade recycled modified project by our client. adopts green recycling technology, achieving a fully closed-loop production of rPET recycling, making recycled materials infinitely close to the quality of virgin materials, and meeting food-grade standards. This technology not only sets a new benchmark for the industry but also is a global first.

Our client processes PET bottles from consumption through unpacking, photoelectric sorting, washing, and crushing, and then uses the Mus extruder multiple times to recycle and compress the rPET, making it infinitely close to virgin material and meeting food-grade standards. The process utilizes Vacurema Prime technology, which the EFSA expert group believes that the recycled PET obtained from this process can be used to produce materials and products that come into contact with various types of food (including drinking water, soft drinks, juices, tea, milk, oil, alcoholic beverages, and other food products) without any safety issues.

In the early stages of the project construction, We based on a deep understanding of the project requirements, fully considered factors such as the scale, production capacity, production efficiency, and cost control to customize an exclusive production line solution, ensuring that each production link can efficiently work together to meet the requirements for zero Bisphenol A separation. The high quality and safety requirements of food-grade rPET run through the entire production process, from raw material selection to the final product export, with strict control at every step. Our client uses our deep learning whole-bottle plastic  sorting machine in the raw material pre-selection stage, ensuring selective sorting of materials at the source.

Equipped with "four-dimensional integration," the whole-bottle plastic sorting machines achieves identification and differentiation of subtle differences in characteristics such as bottle color and material.


Recycling Sorting Machine Applications:


Bottles with labels and without labels

Washed and unwashed bottles

Round bottles and non-standard bottles

Sorting of non-PET bottles

Separation of PC bottles to achieve zero Bisphenol A

Customized sorting of PET bottle color, brand, and material

Various bottle material and fluorescent aging feature differentiation sorting

The customized matching solution of our color sorter has been widely used and recognized in the resource recycling industry. It plays an important role in improving production efficiency and product quality for users in waste treatment centers, recycling companies, and plastic recycling companies. It effectively increases the recycling rate of plastic waste, reduces environmental pollution, and promotes the green, healthy, and sustainable development of the industry.

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